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Angelina Jolie, the UN's Special Envoy for Syrian refugees

Refugee children in camp
Please help us
to educate the
refugee children

Children in one of the refugee camps in Lebanon who desperately want to attend a school. 

RADIO PEACE will broadcast lessons to the children by radio, giving them hope, and hopefully stop them becoming radicalised.
Help Radio Peace educate the children
Radio Peace will produce and broadcast programmes for desperate Syrians fleeing the conflict and misery in their home country. The radio station will cover Syria and the neighbouring Levant countries of Turkey, Jordan and the Lebanon where over 4 million have taken shelter.  To date over 6.7 million have fled Syria; almost all want to stay in nearby countries, so they can easily return home, once the conflict is over.

Desperation has forced over a million to pay traffickers for dangerous, life-threatening trips over to Europe. Closed borders and other immigration limitations mean this is a difficult escape route. Radio Peace can be heard over these areas too giving a powerful tool for experts, aid workers, charities and funders to show what help, support and challenges exist.  Communication is a vital tool in a crisis.

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Communication urgently needed in

the largest humanitarian crisis ever

Who owns Radio Peace ?
The project is operated by an English charitable institution (a CIO) registered by the Charity Commission, a UK Government body. It has no shareholders, no one person will ever own the radio station. It is therefore 'free' of control by any country, religion, culture or ideology.

The radio station is operated by a group of determined and like-minded broadcasters and teachers, keen to spread the message of Love, Peace, Harmony and Hope to the millions of refugees from conflict in Syria. We accept donations from anyone - countries too, but we do not give editorial control of the radio station's output to any one faction. 

How can YOU help?
After reading more about the Radio Peace project you may want to help us, or become very involved.
Full Details how YOU can help are on THIS PAGE.
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"There is an explosion of human suffering and displacement on a level that’s never been seen before," says Angelina Jolie. “We must ALL do something to help these refugee children.

"I call, again, on the UN Security Council: Send your ministers and ambassadors here. Witness this crisis for yourself. See that it simply cannot go on. It is past time for a political solution to end the conflict."             
Full report on our MISSION page
How are we funded?
Radio Peace is calling for donations from aid agencies, civil society organisations (charities), well-meaning individuals and the general public to get the station on the air  as soon as possible.  We have raised some money but recent events mean that communication with refugees is now URGENT! Click HERE to see HOW you can donate.

How can YOU help?
Radio Peace receives donations from high street traders through Easyfundraising.  To support us just click HERE to see how your purchases on line or with high street traders can generate donations for Radio Peace, and at no cost to you!
In addition to this vital information, Radio Peace will provide a wide variety of entertainment to distract refugees from psychological damage and create activities for those in the refugee camps.
Free Radio Peace is independent of all the parties engaged in the Syrian conflict.
Angelina Jolie pleads for refugee children
Broadcast in their own language, Radio Peace provides a channel to generations of families running from the conflict. In winter, the refugees really struggle to maintain their sprits, urgently needing help to have hope for the future..

Radio Peace programmes help

Radio Peace will broadcast programmes designed to help families, by providing information on key issues affecting their lives such as human trafficking, immigration limitations and the psychological impact of years of violence, bereavement and isolation. Programmes will provide life-saving information on disease, depression, hygiene and suffering. Without knowledge, people are more vulnerable and misled.

Education for refugee children

Radio Peace will also have some special educational programmes to reach about five million displaced children (both still in Syria and those in neighbouring countries). Many are without any education at all, which means that they are in danger of becoming "a lost generation" and thus vulnerable to being radicalised.
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A fundamental human right, essential for the exercise of all other human rights.  Yet millions of children and adults are deprived of educational opportunities, many as a result of poverty.

A powerful tool by which economically and socially marginalized adults and especially children can lift themselves out of poverty and participate fully as citizens.

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educate refugee children
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Registered in England Charity # 1161393

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Refugee children give Peace signs
Is the final battle about to be wrought over the city of Idleb?

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