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Volunteers are urgently needed right now,  in all sectors of the charity (Foundation for FREE RADIO PEACE) to produce our radio programmes and ensure they are transmitted to the audience of refugees from the Syrian conflict. Do you have a skill that we could use and would like to help the Radio Peace project?

Can YOU Help?

Do you have administration, secretarial, organisational skills or management experience, particularly with charity work? 

We urgently need assistance in making sure the Foundation is properly run, in full accordance with all the requirements and regulations of the UK Charities Act. 

We strive to be fully compliant with all the rules and regulations made by the Charity Commission so if you have any experience of working with a charity,  then we would really love to hear from you.
Our volunteers are very well regarded at the Foundation and all of the team are very precious to us.  All the founders of the Foundation are volunteers and work here because they BELIEVE in the cause.  If you also share our beliefs and objects, and feel you can help, then you would be most welcome to join us. 

Hours can be arranged to suit your existing life and family demands.  Even if you can only spare a couple of hours each month that would be helpful.

The Foundation will meet all expenses that are necessarilly incurred during work on behalf of the charity.

Why not drop us a line now and tell us what you can do for Radio Peace.  A copy of your c.v. at the first stage would be really helpful. 

Contact Anne Rusling now

at this email address


researcher in Radio Peace office
Stopwatch in Radio peace producer's hand.


Our producers are the main builders of the Radio Peace output. They set the researchers with tasks to find the facts and details of whats happening in the Levant region and further afield, and then need to assemble the material into a programme that will be interesting and exciting for our listeners. They need to be able to command the programme hosts to present the programme material in the Radio Peace style.




Our programme schedule is often complex with frequent changes to incoporate material from a diverse varity of courses. Juddling all the various programmes and segments into a coherent stream is important.  A fast brain and good technical skills are needed, along with a "can do" attitude and a relish to deliver results are key components.

Studio  Engineers

We need studio engineers in the UK and at the transmitter site. A keen interest in audio and an ability to work quickly and unsupervised is important. You may be working with on air talent, who don't necessarilly understand the finer workings of audio kit; can you fix it when they break it? And the improvisation skills to maintain continuity of service?

Network Technicians
With studios in several locations we need to get our programmes from the studios to the transmission hub and on to Radio Peace's transmission sites. This is done over a lengthy chain of Internet, microwave links and satellite channels. Several different technologies are used to assure the network is always available and it needs specialised skills. If you have experience of working in this sphere then our Director of Network Engineering would love to hear from you.

Transmitter Engineers

This is a vital and highly specialised job. Our transmitters are a mixture of solid state and valve (tube) and are all between 25 and 100 KW output, at MW and SW frequencies. Standby equipment is not available for all services in order to keep costs down so we need engineers who can work swiftly. At times they are required to adapt and even make their own spares!

Generator Mechanics

Our transmitters are located in places where the local power supply is somewhwat unreliable, so we need to generate our own power, as cleanly and environmentally aware as possible, but most of all reliably.  Can you handle engines capable of driving generators up to 500 KVA ?

Antenna Specialists

We use high power Medium and Short Wave transmitters and enginners with a strong interest in propagation and some experience in this field might be useful addition to our team.  Relevant qualifications and a good track record are preferrable.


Fundraising staff are key personnel at the Foundation for Free Radio Peace. Our team orchestrate and organise the process by which we attract sufficient donations to keep the project going. The Foundation requires around £1.5 milllion every year to perpetuate the broadcasts; can you be part of the team that helps us raise this? 

It is our Fundraisers who make this vital work happen.  We are urgently seeking people who feel they have a flair for this work, from the creative types who come up with the ideas, and the suggestions as to who they should approach to donate, or just help with the campaigns, to the stuff who devise all the many little ideas and activities that our 'at the coalface' fundraisers work their socks off, to keep the funds flowing in.

To keep track of the funds coming in, and all the charity's many and varied activities in running the radio station, we need a well oiled financial accounting section. Have you got experience of that aspect of charity work?

Secretarial & Administrative

The Foundation already generates and receives a huge volume of correspondence and enquiries from all over the world. We need administrators who can communicate effectively with politicians, engineering people, bureacrats in governments, and the general public. You need to be both numerate and computerate, preferabley with a good working knowledge of email, the internet, Excel and Word. Familiarity with Apple Mac PCs is helpful. Most of all, you need to get on in a multi-lingual, multi-cultural, office environment, be interested in developing new ideas and thinking "outside the box".
Spreadsheet of radio peace income
Radio peace Announcer recding a link for programme.
We Love our Volunteers affirmation

Radio staff?

Have you got radio experience, whether in research, productions, on air talent, engineering or station management - you will be very welcome. We produce many of Radio Peace programmes in the UK,and many of the skills we require are needed at our studios in the UK, including research, news gathering, programme production and announcing. Essential technical services, including audio and radio engineering are also described here.


Our researchers need a good working knowledge of Arabic,  in the Levantine, Aramaic, Armenian and Azeri dialects. Good translations skills into English are required and a strong telephone personality is needed.  A working knowledge of communications in Syria is also an advantage.


Jourmalists should ideally have some relevant qualifications, an interest in politics, an inquiring mind and ability to converse in English and Arabic. Those who have wokred in a busy fast moving newsroom are particularly invited to apply.  If you have a keen interest in the region and are looking to get experience in international radio broadcasting, this might just be the ideal environment.


Our presenters are programme
hosts and teachers as well as DJs.
They need a friendly personality,
an interest in music plus preferably
Western radio experience. You must
be willing to learn new techniques
(Full training will be given and this may
involve working  in other countries
temporarilly) is desirable.

Studio Assistants

Our studio assistants help prepare the programmes technically, ensuing all audio is of good broadcast quality, equipment is working correctly. A good sense of timing is neded, as is an ability to get on with a variety of co-workers from diverse backgrounds, in presentation, journalism and administrators. The utmost patience and a calm disposition are important and a willingness to teach skills to others would be very helpful.
We hope to open our own retail outlets selling donated items - perhaps this is an activity you could  help with? Even if its just manning the counter for a couple of hours? 
"Every little helps!"
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