This map shows the coverage area of our main service, on the AM (Medium Wave) band. It is better to use this band as we know it travels much further than other signals (such as FM) and is available on more receivers than other platforms.

We shall also broadcast to the rest of the Middle East  and Europe on the 49 and 31M Bands, Short Wave. Maps will be shown here shortly - we are awaiting accurate propopagation data.

On Line reception
The Radio Peace programmes will also be audible online, using a variety of commonly available apps. reception will be optimised to be easilly accessible using smart phones, with iOS, Android and other types opf streaming.

Our programmes will also be available on other platforms, such as  satellite, however very few refugees thought to pack their dish when they had to flee their homes! 

Full tuning details and technical parameters will be included here at a future date.
Coverage Map of Radio peace reception area
Children listening to lessons by radio on Radio Peace
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