Radio Peace will provide a service of  educational programmes, aimed mainly at school age children. We shall also provide some adult education later in the day, probably late evening.

Radio is proven as a very effective means of education. It reaches more people than TV or the internet, is simple, universally available, cheap and its affordable. It reaches many places that aid workers cannot. This is especially so in the Levant where the terrain and othe factors make travel difficult.

“Education is the best thing in life,” said this 12-year-old girl Syrian refugee being taught by her father; and yet a large number of Syrian refugee children are not in school, despite efforts by their government  and various United Nations agencies. During UN interviews among Syrian refugees in Lebanon, 66 per cent of the children asked about education said that they were not in school.

Without education there can be little hope for the future of the more than 2.6 million Syrian children who are out of school in Syria and in the neighbouring countries of Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan, - or for rebuilding Syria after the conflict."
from report by A World at School, 2015
Syrian father educates his daughter on floor of tent in camp in Lebanon

Lost Generation?

If the situation does not improve dramatically, Syria risks ending up with an under-educated generation. These lost years can never be regained - the children risk their futures and the future of the country by even delaying their education.

Against this backdrop, UNICEF has been piloting a development strategy called ‘No Lost Generation.’ This initiative aims to improve children’s access to quality education and strengthen the protective environment for children.

It also seeks to expand access to education both inside Syria and in neighbouring countries, by bridging humanitarian and development responses. Recognizing the strain on the school systems, the strategy also aims to significantly expand formal education in non-traditional settings, as well as non-formal education. Ideal for delivery by radio into the home!  Radio has been used to bring education to remote communities for almost a hundred years and has been successful in Russia, Canada, Brazil and Australia.

Low spend on Education

Currently, less than 2% of humantiarian aid is targetting educational needs, which means many young refugees are without access to school and college, leaving them without the skills and qualifications needed to find work in adult life.  The matter was raised in the World Economic Forum in Davros in January 2015 as part of a plea to get £105m directed into educating Syrian refugees, particularly children.

Former UK Primne Minister Gordon Brown
The failure to provide an education for young Syrian refugees runs the risk of creating a generation of discontented youths and a recruiting ground for extremists,” says Gordon Brown. The UN education envoy and former UK Prime Minister is calling on the international community for urgent help for the Syrian refugees.

“This is one of biggest refugee crises since the Second World War," says Mr Brown. “Over a million children have been displaced by Syria's war. It's one of the biggest humanitarian tragedies. This winter in Lebanon,many children have died through the lack of provision," said Mr Brown who was also the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer for ten yers.

"Unless you invest in educating children, you deprive a whole generation of hope. That’s what I want to provide them with - hope! Without it they may become discontent and are at risk of being radicalised.”

“One in four children now living in Lebanon is a refugee.  There is a “race against time and untold damage that could be inflicted upon children if we fail to provide them with an education”.

Lebanon's education minister Elias Bou Saab told the BBC in  2015 “Our country is becoming destabilised by the number of refugees. Lebanon, Turkey and Jordan have the same problem.

United Nations Envoy

&  former British Prime Minister

warns of ‘Education Emergency

8 year old Aya (right) wants to be a doctor but has been out of school for two years. She and her sister Labiba, 11, educate themselves on the floor of their ‘home’ - a shack in the Bekaa Valley
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Children educated on tent loor
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