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Eddie is one of the best known names in radio management in Europe. His career began in 1970  with BFBS in the Gulf, since when he has had a long career in commercial radio in sales and management, (including LBC, Invicta and Chiltern) specialising in turning stations around to profitability. Eddie started the UK’s first regional radio station (Galaxy FM) and has run both small local station and national one too. He spent twenty three years teaching radio techniques and management skills to radio staff from stations across Europe and the Middle East on behalf of the BBC?. Many of these were in former CIS countries where English is a second or third language; the list includes the Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Hungary, Russia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Croatia and Indonesia. Specialist areas he has taught are Revenue, Sales, Promotions, Sponsorship and General Management.

Paul has obtained broadcast licences in several countries, and been responsible for installation of  audio and transmission equipment and staff training. He represented two global radio transmission equipment companies, specialising in audio processing and directional antennas. His radio involvement includes work at many high power stations, and advising international media operators such as Sky and Virgin as well as five government stations across Europe. His diplomatic and negotiation skills have helped win 22 broadcast licences, 4 ‘national’ coverage). He ran a broadcast skills exchange for many years, finding suitable staff for several dozen broadcasters. 

Andrew has over thirty years expertise in Telecommunications Engineering, specialising in satellite and microwave. He is currently involved in commissioning and trouble-shooting at earth stations, transmitters and  both fixed and mobile networks for a variety of clients. Recent projects have included mobile phone operators, oil companies, an airline, a train operators and governments.  Among the countries Andrew has wielded his test kit so far THIS YEAR are Brazil, Belgium, both the Congos, Madagascar and travelled to Canada, Russia and Poland, so it’s quite useful that he lives very close to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport.

After his BSc degrees in Logistics, Supply Chain & Business Management at Newcastle  and a Masters Degree at Hull University, Ben undertook a management contract with TATA Steel before joining Kingsland Plc, the UK's largest wine importer.  He worked in international procurement and arranging  transport for millions of barrels of wine. Ben’s role included not only sourcing wines in bulk but devising new systems of ensuring wines achieved timely distribution to vintners and large retailers.  He has since moved on to another large UK PLC, overseeing distribution on a global basis, including Middle East countries. Ben is very widely travelled having visited 17 countries, and is very familiar with international customs requirements and procedures as well as international corporate etiquette. He is a keen sportsman and has completed several  marathons.

Barry has been a director of three ILR stations in the UK, worked for the BBCin ?local radio for some years and operated the family leisure and catering companies.  Barry’s work in radio programming covered both the public and private sector, in his native Yorkshire. His wide experience includes stints at radio stations from the Isle of Man to Scarborough. Barry has also much business acumen having run a variety of businesses and he currently produces and presents various live events. He is a well-known and popular on-screen host and interviewer producing a range of features for Scarborough TV, and hosting a daily show on Radio?Scarborough.


Imelda has over 20 years journalism experience in the UK and 15 years in Indonesia, Armenia, Bosnia, Romania and Hungary. She has created campaigns, radio dramas, training videos, TV soap operas and documentaries, as well as coaching writers, journalists and spokespeople. Her media career began in advertising before moving to journalism. After travelling in Africa and the antipodes she became a TV producer at the BBC and then joined  World Service TV as a bi-media trainer.  In the 1990s Imelda set up a video production and media consultancy.  Among her clients were BBC News, Sky TV, Philip Morris and several travel businesses. She also set up and managed the Internews operation in Bosnia as part of a USAid project and Internews’ Indonesian operation, training staff from fifty radio stations. In a similar venture in Armenia, Imelda was a lead TV trainer. After freelancing in Indonesia she wrote and produced a series of training modules for the BBC World Service. These have been translated into several languages and used to train broadcasters around the world.

Peter Quinn has three decades of creative and practical radio experience. He has launched stations in the UK and Europe including Island Sound in Malta, Arrow fm in Sussex and Trent FM Nottingham. As programme controller he was responsible for introducing modern radio techniques to London’s Country and European Klassic Rock.   As a presenter Peter has been heard on many leading UK and European radio stations including Southern FM Sussex, The Hot FM UK, Radio Caroline North Sea, The Voice of Peace Israel and Smooth FM London. He has recently studied theology at Brighton University UK and is highly respected for his ability to produce inspiring and successful radio.

Carl has worked in a dozen European countries, including Norway, Denmark, Germany and now Switzerland. He has a wealth of experience in the music industry and has been involved in record promotion, public relations, management and has voiced many Radio and TV commercials. Carl's radio work began in 1974 with BBC local radio and has since included Radio Caroline, Radio Mi Amigo, The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation,The Voice of Peace in Israel, Viking Radio, Magic, 1380 KSMJ in California, 99 WSFW in New York, Blue Danube Radio in Vienna, Austria, Radio Seagull,  Super Station, 96.3 Aire FM,  Minster FM, Stray FM, BFBS and Garrison Radio, Radio Nova in Moldova, ALPHA FM,99.8 KCFM. He ran 91FM Atlanta and Spectrum in Spain.

Anne has worked in support services for a variety of international broadcasters for over thirty years and has a wealth of expertise in establishing and ensuring the smooth running of people recruitment, international travel, welfare provision and other services essential to ensure the well-being of our team.  Anne has a wealth of organisational skills and a solid commercial background. An experienced corporate organiser, she has been Company Secretary taking responsibility for administrative and compliance matters, and has been a Company Secretary, set up administrative sections and been a director of nine radio companies.

Sean has over 25 years experience in the broadcast, creative, advertising and production industries. He started his career in BBC Local Radio, he has worked across a wide range of radio and television, including documentary, comedy and drama productions, as well as writing and producing thousands of effective and ear-catching radio commercials for hundreds of stations across the world.  Working with the British Government’s PsysOps departments. Sean has assisted in setting up public service radio stations, and delivering media and broadcast training in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.  He is also an enthusiastic Scout Leader and qualified to instruct in a wide range of outdoor and adventurous, land and water-based activities.

Picture of Eddie Startup
Picture of imelda Reyynolds, journslist trainer

Paul Rusling

Eddie Startup

Peter Quinn


elda Reynolds

Andrew Work

Carl Kingston

Ben Rusling

Barry Robinson

These are just ‘career highlights’ of some of our section leaders. We also have three skilled high power radio engineers and many other broadcasters still under contract elsewhere. Our team of fluent Arab speakers coached by them will make Radio Peace a firm favourite among Syrians.  We shall be using our team’s expertise to establish a training facility for international broadcasters in a variety of programming and technical skills. As well as basic ‘how to operate the equipment’, our training regime includes the principles of how to make radio stations economically viable and self sustaining.

Sean Bell   

Anne Rusling

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Picture of Anne Rusling, Administrator.
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Picture of Paul Rusling, Radio Peace Chairman
Picture of Andrew Work, Enginbeer
Piocture of Ben rusling,  Logistics adviser
Picture of Barry Robinson,  production and presentation expert.
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