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The aim of Radio Peace is to bring education, humanitarian support, peace and harmony
in its programme.  The programme will be aimed at listeners among
all the displaced persons in the Levant.

he station will help bring psycho-social support and counselling for the victims of conflict who are generally very vulnerable and in need of this help.

FRP supports the ‘No Lost Generation’ initiative of the UN and encourage debate and discussion, while advocating accord, equality and freedom. Radio Peace is a neutral voice, with messages of hope and encouragement, to strengthen all Syrians, especially those refugees living in the adjacent countries.

Music & Programme content

The station will attract a wide audience with a mixture of music and news that Syrian listeners will find ap- pealing. Our broadcasters will be upbeat, hope-filled, and use western style of presentation, with music and speech in Arabic and English, which is regarded as the international language of business in the Middle East, and of course of music. Music will be the main attraction of Radio Peace, so the playlist must be of wide appeal and include most musical genres.

Radio Peace will feature the music of such well known stars as Hazem Shareef of Syria who won the Arabic version of American Idol in December 2014. The music heard on Radio Peace will have an international flavour; it will be non partisan, uplifting and happy, full of hope and love for all.

Radio Peace will carry special educational programming with the general aim to make learning popular and increase both numeracy and literacy, mainly for children.

Dual Roles - teacher & communicator

Radio Peace presenters will have a dual role: both teacher and communicator, two roles that are well respected in Syrian culture. Hosts will invite listeners to send their names and locations by social media, so we can make the programmes locally relevant.

This will help us gauge how well programmes are received, make the station sound more personal and encourage a greater sense of belonging. Views and comments will be elicited, to add to the flavour and wide appeal of the programmes, however controversial topics will be avoided and no overt editorial points will be made.

Children listening to a radio , for some education
Programme in the Radio Peace studio
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Programming & Music

Programmes will be presented in a  ‘western style’ by friendly programme hosts. The programmes will invariably be informal and at times perhaps a little irreverent.  The radio station however will always be respectful and inoffensive. We expect the audience to include authorities, politicians and diplomats of all sides all religions.

The radio programnmes will contain no long rambling and boring speeches but short sharp ‘capsules’ of messages of hope, advice , educational instruction,  comment and other items of topical interest. We intend to feed the thirst for language skills already evident among refugees, using experienced English and Arabic teachers who are now in the UK.

We shall include music by internationally known artists and by well known Syrian music stars, both film stars and singers, who are also well known in the neighbouring Levant countries. Examples are the top Syrian singer Sabah-Shahroura and of course Shahd Barmada, and Sabah Fakhri - the biggest selling artists in Aleppo.

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for Children's Education

The programmes will be produced in several different studio locations, in the UK and in the Middle East. Our programme hosts will speak a mixture of English and Arabic and incorporarate messages of peace and harmony and several hours education each day.