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Radio Peace is a project of the Foundation for Free Radio Peace.
This is a UK registered charity (CIO) founded by Paul Rusling and Anne Rusling. They are principals of the UK based Worldwide Broadcast Consultants, (WBC) which provides services to radio broadcasters all over Europe.

Our team members are also drawn from Telecom synergy, BTS, and Broadcast Training Associates and each has extensive experience in the building and operating radio stations in many countries. (see Team pages).

We are aware of the benefits of operating a powerful radio voice for millions of beleaguered refugees in the Middle East, and the potential of such a project. Radio programmes can bring much needed hope and encouragement to the ordinary people in Syria, particularly children, who are traumatised by the civil war. 97% of them want to remain in Syria.

They do not want to make the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean  to Europe.

Radio Peace's messages of hope and encouragement will help refugees remain in the Levant, ready to rebuild their country as soon as peace comes.

These radio broadcasts are our gift to the Levant region. Will you join us and help? We welcome support and donations from all countries as Radio Peace is neutral and independent of all nations. Multi-national, multi-cultural and global.

We look forward to hear from YOU with any deas or suggestions you might have.

Paul & Anne Rusling
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The Foundation for Free
Radio Peace is funded entirely by voluntary contributions.
We are wholly independent and not funded by any governmental or religious organisations.
Foundation members do not draw salaries and all donations go to establishing the radio station.

  The Foundation is run on ethical lines in full compliance with the British Charites Act 2011.  We observe of all the mandatory 'checks and balances'  and adhere to the rules and regulations
by the Charity Commission and the Code of Practice of the
Fundraising Standards Board

EDUCATION   -  a basic human right.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes the freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information & ideas through any media, regardless of frontiers.                                     Universal Declaration Of Human Rights,
Article 19
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Russians & US pilots communicate

Hundreds of refugees stranded at border

120,000 more refugees in October

Syrian Free Army rejects Russian offer

Russian Air Force to support Free Syrian Army

35,000 more refugees flee their homes

Israeli sailors save Arab refugees

EU  leaders discuss Turkey & Refugees

Norway to return Syrian refugees to Russia

Military Chiefs to liaise over flights

Opposition to boycott UN talks

Fireman set refugee buildings ablaze

China - Syria talks

World Leaders discuss Syria at UNGA

Iran, Rusia and Iraq ally with Syria

UN Special Envoy Angeline Jolie
to adopt a Syrian child?

British PM visits refugee camp

UK Home Secretary outlines major changes for Refugees
US accuses Russias of targetting CIA-backed militias

Russian planes strike IS in Palmyra
Russians agree 'in principle' to flight coordination.

President Putin lectures UN on Syria & ISIS
(Full reports on UN discussions )

27 September
French fighter planes attack ISIL in Syria
Iran, Russia, Iraq and Syria form alliance

US opens dialogue with Iran over ISIS

UNHCR Special envoy Angelina Jolie to adopt a Syrian orphan?

UK Prime Minister visits camps in Lebanon and Jordan.

UK appoints Special Minister for Syrian refugees.

27 airstrikes on Wednesday in Syria against ISIS.

Turkey arrests 415 ISIS recruits

Syria facing de facto breakup

from the Levant
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