Help us to raise funds

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There are many ways of
raising funds for charities.
Here are just a few that
you might want to try.

Jumble Sale

Most of us have too much stuff around the house, cluttering up cupboards and jamming drawers. If you’re like that and have friends who are also hoarders, then ask them to get involved and donate items they no longer need so you can organise a jumble sale.

Have different stalls, clothes, household goods, tools, music, toys, and so on. Avoid electrical items as you may be sued if someone claims they are  dangerous.

Bike Ride

Most people own a bike, but over 75% of them are  gathering dust (and rust!).  Raising money for Radio Peace is a brilliant excuse to get back into the saddle. You might want to organise a sponsored bike ride from York to Leeds for example, or take part in a bigger event with other cyclists. The choice is yours. Just make sure to involve your friends and raise plenty of donations for Radio Peace.

Cake Sale

Everyone likes cake and there are hundreds of recipes to choose from. Whether you opt for a traditional English Victoria sponge, or want to be more adventurous by turning your hand to some Syrian delicacies, such as the traditional Harisi (a semolina cake), invite your friends to take part and start baking. Mary Berry is just the tip of a huge trend towards home baking - try your hand now. Just think of all the money you’ll raise!

Donate on eBay

It’s time now to ransack the attic and de-clutter the wardrobe! If you’re guilty of hoarding, then this is a perfect way for you to raise money, and simply  put everything you don’t want on eBay who will donate the proceeds to the charity of your choice.
(Foundation for Free Radio Peace)

We do already have an account on E-Bay,
its simply called 

Dinner Party  / Supper Club

Everyone likes great food, so why not host a dinner party inspired by the rich and varied cuisine of Syria? You can try out some new recipes, impress your friends, and in the process raise some money that’s desperately needed to help RADIO PEACE bring hope and harmony to the troubled Levant.

A more informal event is a Supper Club, where guests pay an amount, perhaps £10, and an array of dishes are put out 'buffet style' for them to pick and choose. The number of different dishes can increase as per the expected numbers. The best way to gauge likely response is to sell tickets in advance - most people will buy these and probably extras for a couple of guests they can invite along. 

Running for Radio Peace

A run for the radio, its a great idea. Running is so good for you - just take it easy at first and ALWAYS stop if you feel tired or have had enough. 

Organised runs are best as there are others to pace you and also a good back up service, with regular water breaks organised (It's easy to lose a few pints of fluid on a run).

For those so energetic, how about walking/ Its also a great form of exercise. you could organise a group of your friends to make the event really interesting, and get friends to sponsor you, for either a fixed sum or for so much per mile that you run (or walk)   Every little helps!

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A-Z of Fundraising ideas
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Beard shaving

Have you got a luxurious growth on your chin. one that everyone knows?  Maybe some of your friends or family don't like it and would sponsor you to shave it off? 

This is a great way to enhance your own profile, get some publicity for any number of causes and raise some money for Radio Peace.   One great variation is to have your beard dyed with a vibrant colour (or maybe several - a rainbow beard!). Perhaps this could be sponsored too?
Beard growing for radio Peace




A great variation on the beard shave is the HEAD SHAVE and it is one of the  most popular fundraising activities. It's a brave way to not only raise money for research but raise awareness of a cause.

Make sure your bold move gets the recognition it deserves. One good way to do that is to offer people the chance to bid extra donations to act as the barber and shave your head.

You could also offer an extra opportunity to your donors to pay extra and be the one who DYES your hair for a week before the shaving (You were going to do that too, surely?). 

This sort of fundraising campaign can be so much fun, make sure you get lots of photographs as it's bound to be remembered by your friends as a highlight in your life  - doing YOUR bit to help Radio Peace.   If you'd like to send US some pictures to we shall be delighted to share them with other supporters. 
Thank you for ALL your efforts
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Text FFRP15 to 70070 to send £10 to Radio Peace and help Syrian refugees.  Thank You.
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Help us to raise funds

and make PEACE a reality

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