The President of
the Islamic Republic of Iran,
Hassan Rouhani,

He opened his speech by saying that he spoke on behalf of a great nation which is mourning the loss of thousands of Muslim pilgims and hundreds of its own citizens in the grand and gloabl spititual gathering of the Haj. He said that they had  fallen victim to the mismanagement of those in charge in Saudi Arablia.

President Rouhani said that he UN was established to sustain world peace after two world wars, but that it has not been effective.  "The imposition of sanctions against Iran was not good idea and we consider it unfair. The sanctions resolutions were unjust and illegal as we never had an intention of making nuclear weapons."

"With our open borderds the biggest fear is that terrorist organisations will become countries.   We want to help ensure that no terroirists should be used to do this."

"We defend the rule of the majority, that respects the rights of minorities and protects them.   We will not forget the past but we do not want to live in the past. We look to peace and development. 
non-intervention into the affairs of others and peaceful co-existanece.  The only way to perpetuate peace is through developmnent.  Peace alongside redevelopment is the way to dissipate anger and resentment.

I would like to invite all the Middel East countries near mine to form a United Front against vialence, to maintain stability.   Iraq, Syria and Yemen are examples of crisis being resulted from terror. These have persisted due to the international community ignoring the problems,   The problems of today can be found in yesterday's war and invasions. 
We believe that any attempts to play games with terrorists, let alone to arm them, is totally dangeorus. We cannot allow these criminals who have already tasted blood to come back home to Russia and to the countries in Europe and continue their evil.
Today we provide technical and military asistance, in Syria and Iraq to combat terrorism   Only the Syrian Army led by President Assad and Kurdish forces are truly fighting the terrorists.

We have been accused of Russia's ambitions, as if they themselves have no ambitions. We propose that we all promote common values and common interests. create a generally broad international coaltion against terrorism. 

The Mulilm countries should play a key role I would like to address the Muslims spriitual leaders who might be of great importance right now. Many now need spiritual help, to lay down arms and bring peace.
We hope that the international community will thrive and have peace. Then there would be no need for any more new refugee camps.  There are hundreds of thousands of refugees now, causing problems for Europe, but it may be many millions before long. 

It is a harsh lesson for all of us. Refugees need our compassion and support but the only way to solve this is to restore statehood where it has been destroyed, provide assistance to countries in a difficult situation, and assistance to those who do not abandon their homes.

It is of the utmost importance to restore the government of Lbya, and support the governments of Iraq and Syria. We want security for everyone.
The work by some countries to continue their policy of expanding NATO, of spreading its military infrastructure, is confrontation.  The discontent of local populations was used to start a civil war.  

Common Space
Today unliateral sanction have become commonplace, and this equals economic selfishness, and some countries chose to split communities apart.  The rules of the game are being changed in favour of the priviliged. These affect the interest of all states, that is why they should be discusssed. 

President Vladimir Putin

of Russia

The President of the Russie referred to the birth of the UN following World War II, and how the Security Council has led to many improvements. He explained that if  the Rule of the collective world collapsed, all that would be left would be the rule of force. 

President Putin warned that words can be dangerous and easilly misunderstood. Sometimes, instead of learning from other's mistakes, everyone keeps repeating those mistakes.

"One of the most important gifts of the UN was Freedom and the right to choose our own future."

Nobody seems to care about Human Rights, including, most importantly,  the right to life.  It is now very obvious that the power vacuum that has resulted in the Middle East from many and various actions by some countries, is now being filled with terrorists and extremists. 

And now they have been joined by some of the more moderate factions and using donations of weapons and arms from the West, they have formed this so-called Islamic State. It is very dangerous and it is a disaster.

No one can complain about international terrorism if the results of their actions is that they have funded and enabled the evil of terrorism.
Speeches at the United Nations are often very long-winded, so to make the page more easilly readable we have shortened some  lengthy passages in order to better focus on the core points of interest and relevance to the Syrian crisis.
President Hassan Rouhani of the islamic repoublic of Iran

President Xi Jingping of the

People's Republic of China

The President of the People's Republic of China, Xi Jinping, urged that all countries should work together, with mutual respect, with the big countries treating smaller nations as equals.  

"We should have a security architecture including safety and stability.
The law of the jungle leaves the weak at the mercy of the strong,"  said President Xi Jinping. "Those who use force will find they are only lifting a rock to throw on their own feet.  Sustainable security is what we should aim for." 

We should all help the United Nations to end cnlict and keep peace. We should promote open and innovative development that benefits all.  Close to 800 million are in poverty in the world today, and nearly 60million children are not in school.   We must translate our commitments into action.

Different civilsations should have dialogue and there should be integration among civilsations and cultures. The dream of the China's people is to be closely connected with other peoples of the world. We need a peaceful environment and a stable order. We want to contribute to global peace and development.

"China will continue to build World Peace, we are committed to peaceful development."  China will continue to contribute to global development.  We are ready to share our development experience and opportunities  of co-development,. We invite other countries to board China's express train to peace and development. China will continue to stand together with other countries.

China's decision is to commit to a ten year, 1 billion US dollar fund to support development work.  China will join the new UN Peacekeeping system and has decided to take the lead in setting up a permanent police squad and is giving a permanient force of 8,000 troups.  

"Let us unite even more closely, to form a community of shared future for mankind.  Let a world with lasting peace spread across the world."
President Xi Jinping of China
President Vladimir Putin of Russia

His Majesty Abdullah,

  ~  the King of Jordan

The King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan,  Abdullah II of Jordan spoke eloquently and from his heart: "I am here today as a father, someone who wants peace, and wants this children to have peace."

"This is in danger today, from the outlaws of Islam, outlaw gangs.They distort the word of God to justify the most attrocious of crimes. These forces must be defeated." 

"What if they are not defeated?  Can we tolerate a future of mass murder, slavery, persecution, a world where humanity's cultural treasures are destroyed?"
"This crisis is a Third World War, we must respond. We need a global collective action on all fronts.  The more important war is the war we waged on the hearts and minds of people. Four years ago we helped create the UN's Harmony Interfaith week. The UN has a central role. All of us as individuals must build the road ahead."

His Majesty also outined the seven steps that he felt the world must take:

"First, we need to get back to basics,  and have deep values of love, peace and compassion. My mercy embraces all faiths. We all need to act upon our beliefs. That's more than praying or fasting. we need to integrate our values on everyday life, by loving our neighbour, showing respect to those dfifferent to us, and be kind to our children."

"Amplify the voice of moderation, extremists voices use media to propagate extremem ideas. Do not let our media be monpiised by them, we must purity of moderation."

"We must recognise the thief - the motives of extremists hide hunger for power, people and land. they use religion as a mask. Is there a worse crime than that of usuing Gods word to promote your interest. They are only a drop in the ocean, but a  drop of venom can poison a well."

"Let us be intolerant of intolerance.
Todays global fight is not between communities or religions. It is between moderates and the extremists. The world has an obligation to find solutions and find relief for millions of refugees in my region."

"We are haunted by the images of thousands of refugees, seeking hope far away from their homes.".

"In Jordan we have faced this challenge since the beginning of the Syrian crisis. Refugees constitute 20% refugees. It is high time that the entire international community acted collectively to face this criises."

"We must act collectively for the future of our world.  Compassion and hope should be connected eto everything we do, and keep connected together for the good of all."

President of France

"No country is safe from terrorism".said the President of France, Francois Holland. He spoke for a long period about the problems of global wrming and how it was vital that this matter be resolved at the forthcoming conference in Paris in December.

We need the developed countries to take on financial commitments, to provide for the funding of energy, $100 billion by 2020.

"Everyone said that the solution must be found to the Syrian probelm.  Well, we should look at it together.  Today we have 255,000 people who have died as a result of the Syrian drama."

President  spoke about the Syrian army which he claimed is dropping bombs on its own citizens and said that it is not the terrorists who are to blame. The terrorist group which in flicts massive injuries on its own people, was created by the Assad regime. 

"France hs a history of workiing in this region and intends to shoulder its responsibility, it already hs been doing so recently. We now want to work with everyone. Its necessary to bring an end to what is happening in Syria."

"Assad is the origin of the problem, so he cannot be involved in the soultion. It can involve everyone who is a victim, but not the dictator. Today these refugees who can no longer tolerate the situation have started on a long march, 80% of them are in the south and they are the most poor and the most vulnerable."
President Francois Hollande of france.
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