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Our team have substantial experience not only of establishing and operating radio stations, but in training staff too. We shall use our team’s skills to provide radio broadcast training for all the DJS & hosts to be heard on Radio Peace.

Programme hosts are drawn from a varity of backgrounds and skills bases and it's our belief that they produce far better radio when taught broadcast skills by experienced professionals.

Our training will also be available to staff from other broadcasters. Courses include enunciation & diction, journalism for radio, feature production, music planning and schedule balancing.

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Training in progress for Radio Peace DJs and radio presenters
The Radio Peace project is fortunate to be able to draw on a diverse and very experienced team of radio & broadcast professionals. 


Worldwide Broadcast Consultants

WBC was founded in 1981 by a team of experienced broadcasters to market and administer their skills to clients in several different countries.

The WBC team has been enlarged by the addition of specialist broadcast professionals and now includes several individuals with extensive experience of broadcast matters in Europe, Africa & the Middle East.

The Foundation has contracted Worldwide Broadcast Consultants to provide transmission facilities.  They are being  supported by firms such as Telecom Synergy, Broadcast Media Services, World of Radio Ltd and Creative Training.

Members of the RADIO PEACE team have worked in high power state run broadcasting stations.  Some of the Radio Peace team have worked in small private stations, in the UK and many European countries too. 

Collectively the core members of our team have worked in almost every country in Europe and the former CIS, as well as across Africa and the Middle East.
Training radio presenters for Radio Peace


Topics dealt with in detail include Station Management, Staff Recruitment,, Directing, Negotiation, Creative Problem Solving, Team Building, Motivational Skills, Sales Skills, Promotional Activities, Outside Broadcasts, Prospecting, Interview Techniques, Audience Building.

Other modules offered include Life Skills coaching: How to influence others, Getting attention & keeping it, Building solid relationships . . and much much more.  The Foundation has begun sharing its team's expertise by offering some courses to external candidates.


and culture

Members of our team have had extensive experience in working with a diverse range of races, ethnicities and religions, (e.g. Muslims, Christian, Jews and Sikhs).  Work at several stations and projects has often involved our team members working in multifaith environments.

This includes work during conflict situations and post-war, promoting joint projects in peace and harmony. One multi-ethnic network BORAM (Bosanska Radio Mreza in Bosnia) continues to thrive ten years on.



Our team combine several hundred man years experience in every discipline required for the successful construction and operation of Radio Peace.

The work they have been involved with includes licensing, administration, engineering, programming, sales and station management.
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